Neudorf Olives is a family run grove found high in the rolling hills of Upper Moutere. This is an area which combines high sunshine hours with Moutere Clay soils making it an ideal environment to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oils with intense aromatic flavours.

Neudorf Olives produces three single varietal Oils, the Tuscan Frantoio and Leccino with varying balances of fruit, pepper and bitterness and the Greek Koroneiki with an intense herbaceous flavour.

Having their own press, Neudorf Olives can ensure that every stage of the process from growing, harvesting, pressing, storing and bottling is monitored to ensure the freshest and highest quality possible. The Oils are certified by Olives New Zealand.

Neudorf Olives sell their Oil from the Grove and in a variety of smaller outlets throughout the Nelson /Tasman area and further afield. They also supply larger quantities to restaurants, cafes and luxury lodges in the region.

Neudorf Olives is a member of the Moutere Artisans, a group which showcases the variety of artisanal products made in Upper Moutere. Visit us as a part of the annual Moutere Artisans Open Day every Labour Weekend or arrange a private tour by appointment on 03 5423434.

Walk Talk and Taste: you can visit Neudorf Olives, walk through the grove, hear about the process of turning olives into Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then taste the Oils as well as Moroccan and Tuscan Table Olives and Dukkah.

You can visit their website at