Kina Haus Olives, the Highest Quality Organically Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tasman

Kina Haus Olives is a family owned business located near the township of Tasman.  Olives from north-west sloping land near the sea together with the moisture-retaining Moutere gravel soils, give us the best growing conditions in the region.  This is reflected in the quality of the oil we produce and consistently high conversion rate from fruit to oil.  These geographic features also allow us to grow our fruit without the need to use fungicides and chemicals.

We grow the Tuscan varieties of Frantoio and Leccino together with smaller quantities of the Greek variety, Koronekei.   These can be supplied as single varietals or as a blend which gives the oil both pungency and complexity.

Our oils can be bought from specialty stores in Golden Bay and the Nelson Region or at wholesale prices direct from us.  All varieties and our special Kina Haus Blend are the same price.

Product TypeWholesale price at grove, Harley Road, near Tasman Village. (inc GST)Wholesale price by post or courier. (inc GST)
250ml bottle$12$15
500ml bottle$20$25
1 litre can$30$36.50
20 litre jerry can$345$400