Kakariki Olives

Established in 2000 by John and Helen Dunlop, Kakariki Olives is planted with over 3000 largely Tuscan varieties, producing a medium to robust style of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Tuscan varieties are known for their beautiful fruity front of palate flavours, with a lingering peppery after-taste.

The first cold pressing in our new pressing facility of our Olives New Zealand Certified oil gives you a guarantee of the highest quality extra virgin oil. Each variety is filtered directly after pressing and stored in stainless steel tanks in an oxygen free environment to preserve the character of the oil. From here we carefully blend each varietal to balance the fruity and peppery aromas and flavours into our renowned and unique Kakariki Grove Olive Oil.

Pick up your supplies at the Grove Gate, phone us to arrange delivery, email us or visit our stand at the Nelson Saturday Market. While you are there, check out our luxurious hand made pure olive oil soap. We are also now available to carry out contract pressing from our new facility on site .. Contact us for all you pressing requirements.